Published how Big Tech Controls the Critical Infrastructure

My article Big Tech’s Grip on the Critical Infrastructure was published in the American Thinker on February 20.

Speaking of Big Tech’s and Fake News propensity to boot lick the government of China – nothing to see here. Go back and re-read the Mueller report. Mueller accepted ¥130k from a Chinese intelligence front a few weeks before becoming Special Counsel, so his report must be reliable.

This being said, in January 2020 Freedom House published a new report Beijing’s Global Megaphone: The Expansion of Chinese Communist Party Media Influence since 2017.

This report updates Chinese Government Influence on the U.S. Media Landscape, a Testimony before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission in Hearing on China’s Information Controls, Global Media Influence, and Cyber Warfare Strategy, May 2017


2 thoughts on “Published how Big Tech Controls the Critical Infrastructure

  1. Mr Goldstein
    I’ve read your article titled Facebook, Google, YouTube threaten US national security with info stranglehold. I’m with you 100% on this and commend you for this article. I’ve dropped my GOOGLE, APPLE, never signed up for FB, TWITTER, or any of that stuff. Why because I knew exactly this reason.
    I do have one simple question though…to put a “IN YOUR FACE” to these tech giants I notice like most websites; they seem always seem to have the TWITTER, FB, share button. OKAY so why not have the GAB button? People are moving to GAB if you intend to convince readers of this, GOOGLE, FB, TWITTER…Like Project Veritas has why not prove it them and show the GAB button. and being as as pro 1A? Sincerely Xzavier

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