Climate Alarmism Used “Renewable Energy” as a Decoy

I did a little research and published some technical papers in the wind power.  This experience has opened my eyes on the real nature of climate alarmism.

Initially, I didn’t know how far the alarmist claims were from real science.  But I saw that the “renewable energy” push by the second Obama administration was just a make-believe effort.  Tens of billions of dollars of the public’s money, supposedly allocated to advance alternative renewable energy, as controversial as this goal was, were not spent to advance any kind of energy.  Some money was spent to deploy solar, wind, wood burning, and similar facilities, using dead-end technologies.  The real goal was to show fast growth in the ‘clean energy’ sources in order to convince the public that we did not need coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear power.  This false conviction made the energy agenda of climate alarmism more acceptable to the public.

But the bulk of the money went to raise a standing army of PR professionals, journos, con-scientists, “educators”, and other quasi-professionals, making a living by peddling climate alarmism, and incapable of making a living any other way.

Of course, tens of billions of dollars were put in the pockets of the multi-millionaire  supporters of the Demonrat Party. There are hundreds of Solyndras out there.  Most of them are not exposed and the guilty parties are not prosecuted.