The Scorpion and the Frog: Dems to Sting Silicon Valley

Washington Post: “Breaking from tech giants, Democrats consider becoming an antimonopoly party” (1).

Quotes with comments:

The Democrats’ anti-monopolists have been winning the argument inside the party. During the Obama years, they’d been routed, as Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, strongly supported the president, and the Federal Trade Commission abandoned an antitrust case against the company.”  – Who is not crooked in the Democrat Party?

A shift began when Democrats began to look for their next president. In October 2015, fending off a primary challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Hillary Clinton wrote an op-ed for the business site Quartz in which she promised to ‘take a page from Teddy Roosevelt’ and ‘stop corporate concentration in any industry where it’s unfairly limiting competition.’” – Instead, Obama encouraged such concentration in Silicon Valley, because the corporate insiders heavily supported him and his party.

Antitrust issues garnered almost no attention during the 2016 presidential campaign. In April, Hart Research Associates conducted polling, circulated among Democrats and think tanks, that found an enormous opening for antimonopoly politics. … The polling found ‘corporate monopolies’ viewed negatively by 66 percent of all voters, and 70 percent of Rust Belt voters.

‘If you take a thoughtful position and are able to justify it intellectually, you won’t lose support from tech leaders,’ Khanna said. ‘My experience has been that the community is pretty open to robust debate.’” – The Frog sealed its fate when it made the deal with the Scorpion.  The rest of us should strive to protect jobs, technical capacities, and capital that are currently tied to the Frog.