Amazon Attempts to Hide Collusion with Hard Left

I noticed that Amazon logo had disappeared from the “Battle for the Net” participants wall (1).  The battle has been waged by the Free Press and other hard Left groups, supported by the seditious Internet giants, to keep intact the order FCC-15-24, passed by Obama’s FCC in 2015.  That order purported to place the U.S. Internet under the Title II of the 1934 Telecommunications Act, in violation of the First Amendment and other Constitutional provisions.

The Amazon logo was on the wall on the day of the battle, July the 12th, and remained there for at least two weeks.  As reported in WUWT,  Amazon did not deny that it had permitted placing its logo on that wall, when asked by email on July the 13th.  Amazon did not reply to the email at all.

I guess Amazon will not be the only one company, wishing not to have its logo on that wall.  To discourage history re-writing, and to encourage shareholders to hold corporate insiders accountable, I post the original version of this Faux Net Neutrality Wall of Shame here.

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