Notes 2017

Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power — the hypocrisy of the title is beyond imagination!  A former vice president of the U.S. lies and defames elderly and persecuted scientists – and calls it Truth to Power.  He should have called it Power against Truth.  Luckily, Dr. Roy Spencer has already published a rebuttal: An Inconvenient Deception: How Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy Policy.

Google PravdaAt the Netroots Nation conference, “one of the most powerful progressive events of the year,”  the hard Left and “mainstream” DNC committed sedition and conspiracy, while Google (1) and Facebook (2) insiders shared their knowledge with them.

Infogalactic – a conservative upgrade of Wikipedia (hopefully)


Leave alone the monuments to heroic Confederate soldiers, tear down modern Confederate Party politicians.

The Left calls the term Alt-Left “a Dumb Slur,” but it has been embracing it for decades. An example is, a website of the “Independent Media Institute,” funded by Craigslist “Charitable Fund”, Drug Policy Alliance, Nathan Cummings Foundation, New World Foundation, Park Foundation etc., as well as by “anonymous donors.”


German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the American decision to scrap the Paris agreement “deplorable”.  She repeated the same word that Hillary had used in reference to the Trump voters.  Why did not Merkel call us untermensch, as her predecessor used to do when most of the today’s European Union had been “united” under Germany?


We live in the time of a media bubble, and an academic bubble.  They are going to burst like stock market bubbles do.


George Bridge, President of The Evergreen State College, instantly infamous after a recent anti-white racist incident and its aftermath, received grants from Pew Charitable Trusts.

Hollywood is pathetic in its hypocrisy toward Trump.  It calls him fascist, says he inspires fear, or is “a threat to democracy,” all the while publicly fantasizing about shooting Trump in the head, blowing up the White House, and posing with pictures of his severed head. Thus, they do the exact opposite of what they would be doing if they actually believed their words.  As usual.


The Guardian is to become a tabloid, BBC reportsNow its format will match its content!  The Guardian has been a leftist tabloid (in the sense of content) for the last 10-15 years.


The Other Side of the Global Warming Debate – links to almost 2,000 web articles, categorized by alarmist myths they debunk, by James A. Marusek, a Nuclear Physicist and Engineer.

05/28/2017, updated on 06/11/2017

Comments to the EPA, mentioning this site or submitted by me

Public comments to the EPA, mentioning NIPCC


Watch out: the federal bureaucracy is rebranding its useless institutions and misguided policies instead of abandoning or reversing them.  WaPo writes:

“While entire departments are changing their missions under Trump, many of these rebranding efforts reflect a desire to blend in or escape notice, not a change in what officials do day-to-day — at least not yet, according to 19 current and former employees across the government, and nonprofit officials who receive federal funding.”


“the libs are just being dumb and triggered once again” (Vice) — an excellent observation and self criticism in an otherwise worthless article.


From the moment absurdity is recognized, it becomes a passion, the most harrowing of all. — Albert Camus

This is the best description of climate alarmists that doesn’t include the word “cult.”