Ukraine Language Law

Are you sure that the Kyiv regime is democratic? Are you sure that accusations of Nazism have no merit whatsoever? We might be not even on the side of good guys.

The Ukraine Language Law of 2019 is so shocking that you need to read it to believe. The linked document contains excerpts from it with English translation.

The previous administration, which passed this anomalous law, lost in a landslide to Vladimir Zelensky, who promised to apply it only in accordance with the Ukrainian constitution (i.e., not to apply).

But the defeated regime, using its agents in the US (including Burisma network, Eric Ciaramella, Alexander Vindman, not sure about Sean Misco and Alexandra Chalupa), undermined Zelensky on the main front – his administration’ relations with the US. Remember “whistleblower” hoax after the phone call between Trump and Zelensky in July 2019? That and the following impeachment hearing made it impossible for Trump to provide more aid to Ukraine, such as brokering the best possible peace deal with Russia.

Those hoax and impeachment hearing in the US have undermined Zelensky’s positions in Ukraine in favor of the ultranationalists and outright neo-nazis. One might guess that outside PR, Zelensky has very few powers now.

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