Mainstream Media – Fake News, Hate News

The current “mainstream” media is a legacy of the Obama regime. It does not only shamelessly lies, but also participates in suppression of the views that were truly mainstream before Obama administration.  It also colludes with the so-called “Big Tech,” formerly excellent technical companies that have become corrupt through complicity or under influence of the Obama administration.  MSM and Big Tech do: 

  • Falsely brand patriotic and conservative publications and organizations as “racist” and “fascist”; advocate boycotts against them; call for political crackdowns on their speech using Democratic state attorneys, foreign governments, and quasi-governmental entities. 
  • Support and ally themselves with real racists and haters, from the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to far left groups; many of the leftist groups switched from formally opposing racial and ethnic hatred to formally endorsing hatred against whites, and practically inflame hatred against everybody, including the groups they pretend to “defend”. Former commies became communazies.