Molnupiravir Armageddon

Molnupiravir Extends COVID-19 Viral Phase, Evidenced by the High Frequency of Rare and Dangerous Mutations in SARS-COV-2, preprint, 2021-12-20

Unexpected Mildness of Host-Induced Mutations in SARS-COV-2, preprint v2, (v1, 2021-12-08)

Treating a Pandemic Respiratory Disease with a Mutagen is a Doomsday Scenario, preprint, 2021-12-02

AMDAC used the decision-making process in authorization of Remdesivir (Remdeathivir) as the precedent for decision-making on Molnupiravir not knowing that Remdesivir is harmful, and its authorization was corrupt.


BTW, the heterogeneity of the claimed results by country shows that Merck’s claims of Molnupiravir efficacy are incorrect

In Guatemala, 5 out of 55 Molnupiravir arm subjects were hospitalized or died, compared with 0 out of 58 in the placebo arm.

Early versions



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