Mueller Testimony

MUST READ: Yaacov Apelbaum applies his XR Vision AI to Mueller testimony:

After mapping this ‘Flutter Cycle” to the topic that was being discussed at the time of the event, it became clear that this was some sort of an involuntary display of distress and/or fear. It was so prevalent that it could even be used to predict what questions were being discussed. Some of the subjects that triggered this ‘Flutter Cycle’ were: 

    • DOJ and FBI media leaks
    • Christopher Steele, the dossier and its funding sources
    • Fusion GPS and its work with the DNC, HRC, and foreign governments
    • Glen Simpson and Natalia Veselnitskaya
    • The meeting at the Trump Tower
    • Informants and surveillance (i.e. Mifsud, Downer, Halper, etc.)
    • The FISA warrants

The same type of events were observed during other pointed inquires such as Rep Louie Gohmert’s challenging Mueller’s credibility due to his refusal to answer basic questions

I didn’t have a baseline for incidents where Mueller was being untruthful so I can’t explicitly call out potential incidents of lying during his testimony. However … at least from Mueller’s perspective, not all questions were equal and not all of his answers were direct and factual.

It is of note that Mueller was selective in what questions he deflected… In multiple non–sequential instances, he provided elaborate and definitive responses to questions but these were almost exclusively from Democratic Congress and Intelligence Oversight Committee members. With a few exceptions, most of his verbose responses could be categorized as being damaging to President Trump.

The patterns identified by the analytics strongly suggest that all of Mueller’s behavioral stress patterns matched the typical anxiety profiles and signs of internal struggle that are exhibited by a guilty suspect during an integration. For the first time in his long bureaucratic career, he found himself at the wrong side of the table with the bright lights in his face and a real possibility of being charged with perjury.

Published on July 26, 2019

Robert Mueller has started the investigation convinced Trump had colluded with Putin. He publicly stated that prior to the appointment, and it was the reason why Rod Rosenstein appointed him a Special Counsel. Read my book Missing from the Mueller Report. A sample:

On March 7, 2017, Robert Mueller delivered a 45-minute presentation titled The Growing Cyber Security Threat at a conference co-hosted by International Data Group (IDG), in which he articulated and publicly committed himself to the DNC conspiracy theory that “Russia had hacked the democracy”. Mueller’s presentation was quoted as follows:

“What the Russians are doing is a huge threat,” said Mueller, adding that such cyberthreats to democracy are, in a sense, “more devastating than terrorist attacks — the one-offs that you currently have in the United States.[i] (Forbes)

In terms of the top cybersecurity threats the U.S. government faces today, Mueller laid out five threat vectors: 1) Protecting democracy from Russian hackers and others that want to undercut democracy …[ii] (FedTechMag)

Mueller had no grounds for those remarks at that time. Even the so-called Intelligence Community Assessment from Jan 6, 2017, didn’t go that far …

Senate Democrats confirmed appointment of Fraud Rosenstein as the Deputy Attorney General because he had promised them to appoint a Special Counsel. Dems are dumb only on matters of national interest, such as energy, security, health care etc. But when their own interests are at stake, they are smart as hell.