Democrats “Discover” Foreign Interference in the US elections

Democrats and their allies have started blaming their election loss on alleged “Russian hacking,” and bitching about foreign interference in the US elections.  How hypocritical!

The Internet has opened American political processes for foreign interference.  Most of the foreign interference benefited extreme Left .  Starting with the Internet based organizations, such as, foreign influence contributed to transformation of the old Democratic Party into its current radical shape.  The 2016 elections has been marked by the heaviest foreign meddling in the US history.  Almost all of it was in favor of the Democratic candidates.  Some of the most significant meddlers were:

  • The UN organization and its many branches

  • The Guardian, a media outlet of the British Left, partially financed by the British government

  • Greenpeace, WWF, FOE, and the rest of the European green establishment

  • The Climate Action Network with its 1,000+ foreign member organizations

  • The Quantum Group of Hedge Funds

The Democratic Party has embraced Climate Alarmism, entered into a climatist alliance with hostile foreign powers, and received enormous amount of illegal electioneering support from them.  Quid pro quo, Obama administration started tearing down American energy infrastructure, establishing Climate Cult as the state religion, and persecuting opposition.  Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have prepared to surrender American sovereignty to a not yet existing global climate regime.

Now, when the will of the American people has outweighed the government-funded propaganda, voting fraud, and the foreign backing of the Democratic Party, its allies feign outrage about alleged “Russian hacking”!

Even if the “Russian hacking” took place and influenced elections by exposing dark secrets of the Democratic political machine, the Democrats cannot fault Trump.  Obama administration had responsibility to secure domestic networks, and failed to do so.  It might have been even unaware of this responsibility.  At least, I have never heard of any Obama administration’s attempts to do so, unlike its attempts to criminalize some of the best practices of the Internet service providers under the slogan of “net neutrality”.

A footnote: It is practically impossible to “hack” from outside a minimally secured email server.   If Hillary’s illegal email server has been hacked, it happened for one reason – she managed to find and hired an absolutely incompetent system administrator.  Just like her comrades selected incompetent and/or dishonest scientists to advice them on the climate change.  The same ignorance and obscurantism of the Bernie – Hillary party explain why DNC’s internal network was hacked (by unknown hackers), but RNC’s network was probably not.

And another footnote: if creating and promoting “wedge issues” were not business as usual among Demonrats, public release of their emails would not cause them so much embarrassment.