On Muzzling Independent Science by Alarmists

My article Climate Alarmism and the Muzzling of Independent Science is published in American Thinker.  The article is accompanied by supporting materials on this website:

Part I: Scientists and Lawyers

Part II: The Tobacco Precedent

Part III: Defunding Climate Realists.

It is worth repeating that punishing businesses for funding researchers is simply a ban on independent science, imposed by the government through the corporations.  It is similar to the sales tax – a tax on buyers, collected by the seller– and the minimum wage — a work ban on individuals whose productivity is lower than the minimum wage.

After the Tobacco Precedent, more high profile laws with the intent or effect of muzzling the productive class were passed by Congress.  For example, the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 severely limited what executives of public companies could tell the public.  Together, they contributed not only to the temporary triumph of Climatism, but to the weakening of the conservative backbone of this country.