Surplus CO2 Half-Life Re-estimated down to 35 Years

The re-estimate is based on the admission of underreporting emissions by China and scattered indications of higher than expected underreporting of deforestation by the developing countries. See original Atmospheric CO2 Change front page.

2 thoughts on “Surplus CO2 Half-Life Re-estimated down to 35 Years

  1. Only rough estimates can be done for the biosphere. [Revelle and Munk,
    1977] determined that the “lid” is up to 7,800 – 2,800 = 5,000 GtC
    Anything more recent? (could be a soft spot for the alarmists).
    Thanks for the excellent article. I’ve spent in the past month or so about 100 hours reviewing climate papers, blog comments and articles (retired and waiting for my knee replacement surgery so I can get back on the golf course).
    I especially liked your mentioning the rate of debt increase – which is a real economic “climate” crisis.

    1. As in every scientific field, related to the “climate change”, more recent results are not necessarily more accurate. The “lid” number is sufficiently high for the discussed timescale, and it is likely underestimated.

      Good luck with your knee surgery!

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