“we … locked in on this and have to ride it through”

The heading of this post is taken from an email, sent by one Deputy Attorney General to another one in connection with the so-called “ExxonKnew” witch-hunt, but it is the key to understanding how the climate alarmism grew to its current size and power.  Various individuals and organizations took part in some alarmist activities carelessly or under a false impression, then found themselves stuck, and decided to ride it.  Unfortunately, they did not give thought to who was driving and where the ride would take them.  A hint: to a very bad place.  Anybody who still can will be better by getting off immediately, whatever the cost is.  The cost will only grow with time.

Curiously, recruitment by Climate Alarmism bears similarity to the Communist recruitment in 1930’s – 1940’s.

These emails became publicly available just few days ago, thanks to FOIA requests by E&E Legal Institute.  On March 25, 2016, one Iowa Deputy Attorney General wrote to another one:

“Tam — Just talked with Tom [Miller, Iowa AG]. He thinks we may be locked in on this and have to ride it through.”

Three days later, Tam Orniston wrote to Iowa AG’s Communications Director:

“I will update you tomorrow but clearly Eric [Schneiderman, New York AG] is himself the wild card for all.”

Next day Iowa AG Tom Miller took part in the infamous press conference, where 20 state Attorneys General, acting in collusion with and on behalf of Greenpeace, Rockefeller Funds, and Generation Investment Management LLP (Al Gore), announced “investigation” against ExxonMobil and other energy companies, for the “crime” of providing America with fuel and electricity.