Eric Schmidt in North Korea, Hillary Campaign, Foreign Meddling, #resistance – oh my…

Corrected on December 11, 2017.  The initial version inaccurately identified a Democrat politician that accompanied Eric Schmidt to North Korea.

The fake-stream media is trying to resuscitate the conspiracy theory of the Trump-Russia collusion with headlines like “Google Identifies Russian Election Interference on Network” (1), only to admit that Google had identified only $4,700 in suspicious ad buys.

The Senate Intelligence Committee seems to be eager to swallow this nothing-burger.  I would be more interested in substantial meddling by foreign powers (including NGOs), almost all of which benefited the Democrats.

Speaking to Google, I would ask about the secretive visit of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to North Korea in 2013.  Then, the North Korean regime was on life watch.  Now, just four years later, North Korea has an intercontinental ballistic missile, a thermonuclear bomb, and a cyber-warfare corps.

Eric Schmidt was accompanied by Bill Richardson, a former Democrat governor of New Mexico. At that time Richardson was on the boards of World Resources Institute and the National Council for Science and the Environment. Coincidentally, the Obama administration closed an anti-trust probe of Google just a few days before that visit, despite the written recommendation to file a civil lawsuit against Google, made by the bureau of competition in 2012 (2).  Well, many things happened in that time frame.

Ever heard of Marshall Institute?  That was a small group of big scientists that stood for anti-missile defense and against climate alarmism on a budget of less than a million dollars.  In its search results, Google actively pushes libel against its living members, such as Professor Will Happer.  Not surprisingly, Eric Schmidt’s “charitable” foundation 11th Hour promotes the same libel using the power of hundreds millions of dollars.

Google also participates in #resistance, funds and supports borderline treasonous activities in the US (no kidding), and so on …  I have a feeling that nobody cares and that bothers me.  By the way, my latest article How Google and MSM Use “Fact Checkers” to Flood Us with Fake Claims  has been published by WUWT today.