Those who can make you believe absurdities
can make you commit atrocities.

This site is devoted to the study of climate alarmism – a bewildering and scary phenomenon. Climate alarmism (Climatism for short) is many things: a pseudo-science, a cult, a totalitarian movement, a foreign attack against the US, and much more. It interacts with science, politics, and society in general, and it corrupts everything it touches. Some of these touch points are also subjects of the study.Climatism was born at the 2nd Villach conference in 1985. In merely 30 years, it became a de facto state religion of many Western countries. It took over academia and the media, institutions that once considered themselves paragons of reason, independence, and honesty. Climatism also tricked or forced into cooperation many men who should have known better. Climatism made inroads among the elites of many developing countries, causing anticipation (unfounded and unwise) of endless cash in “reparations” for imaginary climate change damage.Nevertheless, resistance to Climatism exists, and the author hopes to contribute to it by publishing articles and calling attention to some well-established but often overlooked facts. The articles and blog entries on the site span all the spectrum, from hard science to opinion and even humor.

This site also hosts a Climate Sanity Search page, which covers the sane side of the “climate debate” – the so-called skeptics. Initially, Climate Sanity Search was developed as a tool for the author’s own research, but it is available to the public now. It is slightly biased toward scientific content, although purely academic papers are not covered.

If it is your first visit to this site, start by reading Climate Cult, then proceed to the Summary of Science.  New Climate Notes are posted few times a month.