Beginning of the Coup, Dec 2016

2019-05-20 update: additional information, obtained by Judicial Watch through FOIA, confirms and clarifies the role of the foreign powers in Spygate and the recent coup attempts by security and intelligence elements in DC.

Also: on June 5, 2016, Bruce an Nellie Ohr hosted (or were scheduled to host)  … the Crown Prosecutor!

Initially, the Obama administration and the DNC accepted the outcome of the 2016 national elections and prepared to transfer power to the elected President. A New Yorker article, promoting the Russian interference conspiracy theory, referred to the first week of December 2016 as the time “when Obama was [still] intent on an orderly transfer of power.” But something “interfered” with Obama’s intent on December 9.  He became the first president in more than 200 years to fail to properly transfer power to the elected President.

The following events might be critical to understanding what changed. It seems that elements of the Obama administration, together with foreign intelligence services, launched the putsch that continues today, openly spearheaded by Robert Mueller. The most likely cause was and still is Trump’s refusal to follow the western European Union countries on their suicidal path. This is the relevant timeline (it hints at the causation, which should be accepted cautiously; other events unknown to the author may have played a large role). 

Dec. 6: State Secretary John Kerry, while visiting Europe, expresses a hopeful expectation that Trump is going to renege on his promises. He calls that “common sense”: So let’s see where we are, but I believe in the end common sense will prevail. … There’s going to be – there’s also a revision with respect to – I think the other day the president-elect expressed an openness on the subject of climate change, and just yesterday his daughter met with Al Gore and is gathering information about it. I believe as information is gathered, that thoughtful, fact-based decisions have the ability to be made, and I’m going to believe in that – hopefully that’s what’s happened until I see otherwise. …  But I think that there is every indication that there’s an openness, at least at this point in time.”

(It is hard not to quote other nonsense that John Kerry said on this occasion, such as “I was just in Antarctica. I was handed a vial of South Pole air that is reputedly the cleanest air on the planet,”  which he thinks proves climate alarmist theories.)

Dec. 7, morning: Trump is still considered a human being by the MSM and the legacy political class. Time even names Trump the Person of the Year.

Dec. 7, afternoon: Trump appoints Scott Pruitt as the head of the EPA. At this time Trump had already appointed such “climate deniers” as Ben Carson and Linda McMahon (per ThinkProgress). One can imagine climate alarmists’ heads exploding all over the world! Then they act.  Over the span of a few hours on the night of Dec. 7-8, The New York Times rewrites the title of its article about the appointment of Scott Pruitt at least six times, changing their characterization of him from “Ally of Fossil Fuel Industry” to “Climate Change Dissenter” and, finally, to “Climate Change Denialist”. At this point, it becomes clear that Trump is not going to bow to foreign pressure, but is keeping his promise to the American people. Trump is going to withdraw the US from the Paris accord – a suicide pact of the West. (Here, the word suicide is not a metaphor: it means a physical suicide through deterioration and large scale failure of the energy infrastructure.) The withdrawal threatens Angela Merkel, many other European politicians, and NGO leaders because the activities pushing their respective countries into the abyss are becoming exposed, and they might face the consequences of their actions. Apparently, some of them decide to take action.

Dec. 8, 2016: Out of the blue, the head of the BfV (the German secret police) Hans-Georg Maassen makes a statement, blaming Russia for interfering in the future German elections: “There is growing evidence of attempts to influence the federal election next year … increasingly aggressive cyberespionage” (per AP). This is quite a puzzling statement. The elections were supposed to happen about nine months later and were not even scheduled at that time. There was no real world event that could have provoked such a statement.

Two weeks before that, Deutche Telekom had suffered an outage that left almost a million Germans without Internet access, and its cause had already been discovered: unknown hackers targeted a specific vulnerability in routers of a certain manufacturer worldwide, reaching as far as Brazil. Reuters, Nov. 29, 2016: “A cyber attack that infected nearly 1 million routers used to access Deutsche Telekom internet service was part of a campaign targeting web-connected devices around the globe, the German government and security researchers said on Tuesday. … Security experts said the problem affected Deutsche Telekom customers using three types of routers manufactured by Taiwan’s Arcadyan Technology.” A developer of the malware used in the attack was identified within a couple of months as Paras Jha, 22-years old student of Rutgers University, NJ, then tried and convicted. But he already published the malware source code. A Briton Daniel K. (probably Daniel Kaye) was convicted in a German court for using a strain of that malware in the attack that hit Deutsche Telekom.

But the media predictably connects the BfV’s vague and illogical claims about Russia to the worldwide attack on routers and the hacking of the DNC months earlier, and also mixes in alleged Russian state propaganda in Germany. Apparently, by that time, “Russian propaganda” became a convenient explanation for the popular dissatisfaction with Merkel’s immigration policy in Germany. Some outlets also claimed that the Russian attacks were retaliation for tough Merkel’s position on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The NYT: “After hackers infiltrated the German Parliament’s computer network in May 2015, it took nearly a year before the country’s intelligence agency concluded that the attack was most likely the work of their Russian counterparts. Last week, when 900,000 Germans lost access to internet and telephone services, it took a matter of hours before politicians began pointing fingers at Moscow.” Euractiv: “Germany’s domestic intelligence agency yesterday (8 December) reported a striking increase in Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns aimed at destabilising German society, and targeted cyber-attacks against political parties.” I think that the tough response of Merkel was as fictitious as the cyber-attacks. But the German government is already in the position to decide what is true and what is false, partly because of their collaboration with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft.

The same BfV head Hans-Georg Maassen made a similar surprise statement on May 13, 2016, when he blamed imaginary Russian intelligence hacking group APT28 for the 2015 Bundestag hack (DW,  Atlantic Council) without any evidence and despite the well known difficulty of attributing a sophisticated cyber-attack to specific hackers, as was displayed quite obviously in the lack of progress over the previous twelve months. The punch: the BfV made this misattribution exactly a week after the DNC hired a security firm (or fraud) Crowdstrike to address the hacking of its network, and Crowdstrike alleged APT28 and APT29 were the culprits behind the DNC hacking. Furthermore, neither the DNC hacking nor its attribution were made public or even widely shared within the DNC at that time. The low (<2%) probability that it was a coincidence suggests that the DNC shared information with the BfV. In this case, it also asked BfV to make a statement that would legitimize future Crowdstrike/DNC attribution of hacking to Russia. This confirms the suspected modus operandi of the DNC: collaborating with foreign intelligence services in producing compromising materials on Trump. Steele (British ex-spy from MI6), Downer (Australian diplomat), the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, and now the German secret service – all had a critical role in the development of the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, and it is not entirely clear who used whom.

Dec. 9, 2016: Washington Post publishes a putative leak, falsely alleging that “Intelligence agencies have identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided WikiLeaks with thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and others” and other lies. It also falsely claims “that’s the consensus view” of the Intelligence Community. WaPo was the workhorse of the DNC media operations throughout all of 2016, publishing multiple pieces alleging Russian interference and Trump-Putin collusion, lies which originated in the DNC.

Dec. 9, 2016: On the same day, Obama orders an investigation into “Russian activities” to be delivered before he leaves office on Jan. 20, 2017. He puts it in the hands of John Clapper, a politicized Director of National Intelligence.

In the process of the “investigation”, new forgeries are created. Steele delivers another fake report (DocumentCloud). Crowdstrike elevates its confidence in the Russian attribution of the DNC hack from moderate to high (WaPo, Dec 22). It creates another outright forgery by falsely claiming that the software used by Ukrainian artillery units against Russia had been penetrated and infected by the same (imaginary) Russian group as the DNC, and that it caused an 80% loss rate in those units. On Jan. 6, 2017, the Ukrainian Defense Department angrily refutes both the claims of casualties and the allegations of hacking, too late to stop the MSM narrative.

Possibly under the weight of this false evidence, FBI Director James Comey joins the Russian interference conspiracy theory, signs off on the ridiculously incompetent GRIZZLY STEPPE technical report on Jan. 29, and co-signs with John Brennan the infamous Intelligence Community Assessment, the declassified version of which was published on Jan. 6.

James Comey is frequently cast as a villain, but he likely didn’t participate in the spying and sabotaging of the Trump campaign, conducted by his subordinates Strzok, McCabe, and Ohr. According to The Hill, he was offered – and refused – to sign the Oct 7 Joint Statement from the DHS (Jeh Johnson) and ODNI (James Clapper). That Joint Statement (“The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from US persons and institutions …”) was false and signified open weaponization of defense, intelligence, and law enforcement by the Obama administration and Democratic party against Trump and Republicans. Nevertheless, Hillary, the DNC, and the MSM have been yelling that it was a consensus of all 17 agencies of the intelligence community.

Jan. 5, 2017: James Clapper unveils an alleged Intelligence Community Assessment – suspiciously completed two weeks before the deadline – and shops it around to Congress before the certification of the Presidential election. Note that this partisan document:

  1. was intentionally misnamed to be confused with an intelligence community-coordinated assessment, something prepared according to established rules and with the participation of all 17 intelligence agencies;
  2. was signed by the heads of only three agencies – the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA;
  3. these three agencies all used the same input, including a summary (probably whitewashed) of the “Steele dossier” and excluding all the evidence that the FBI had failed to collect at the scene of the crime – the DNC network; and
  4. despite all that, the NSA, headed by Adm. Rogers, expressed disagreement with the FBI and the CIA on one of the key points of the assessment, essentially making the assessment a summary of a controversy rather than a consensus or an otherwise completed document.

That does not stop Clapper from using it in a last ditch effort to reverse the election of Trump. Speaking literally from the side of his mouth, Clapper acknowledges that he had consulted with multiple foreign intelligence services about the President-elect (“I’ve received many expressions of concern from foreign counterparts,Senate transcript) and acts on those concerns.  Since his resignation, Clapper was hired by CNN, which thereby joined the seditious conspiracy.

Jan. 6, 2017: Within one day (!), an unclassified version of the alleged Intelligence Community Assessment is written and published. At least, this is what we are told.

Jan. 7, 2017: Congress certifies the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

But Germany and France remain discontent. About half a year later, they start the process of creating a joint European military (PESCO).  

Nov. 2018: The process bears fruit. Angela Merkel declares: “We have to create a European intervention force so that we can tackle issues immediately on the ground. We have already achieved cooperation in the military sphere, that is good … we have to work on a vision of one day creating a real, true European army.” Emmanuel Macron declares that this army would defend Europe against all threats and names the United States a threat: “We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.” Vladimir Putin applauds this move: “Europe is … a powerful economic union and it is only natural that they want to be independent and … sovereign in the field of defense and security,reported by RT.

Originally published on 2019-01-12. 2019-01-13 update:

May 9-17, 2017: “FBI senior leadership could not accept Comey was fired for cause and the president had the constitutional authority to terminate Comey.” — U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas (Fox News, correcting the New York Lies)

2019-05-20 update: Now there is additional evidence of the DNC/DOJ/FBI collusion with the Angela Merkel regime to create a fake Russian interference narrative. From the Epoch Times:

“Thanks! I’m deleting these emails now,” Nellie Ohr told her husband in an April 20, 2016, email at the end of a thread of exchanges between the Ohrs, Bruce’s Department of Justice (DOJ) assistant Lisa Holtyn, and Stefen Bress, a first secretary at the German Embassy in Washington.

The subject line of the emails was “Analyst Russian Organized Crime – April 2016,” in which Bress offered to provide two Russia analysts for an “analytical exchange” discussion with Ohr, Holtyn, and other unnamed DOJ officials of multiple topics, including the “Impact of Russian influence operations in Europe (‘PsyOps/InfoWar’).”

During the email exchange, in addition to the hour-long meeting at DOJ, Holtyn, on behalf of the Ohrs, invited Bress, his wife, and the analysts to the Ohr’s home for dinner.

This new information and some other materials suggest that the idea of seeking “Russian election interference” came from Berlin or Brussels (the seat of the European Commission). It led the DNC/DOJ to fabricate the Trump – Russia collusion narrative. The Conservative Tree House reports:

Apparently, Italian media are reporting that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conté has requested the resignations of several top Italian intelligence officials. The move is being interpreted as the Conte’ government responding to the previous governments’ coordinated activity with U.S. intelligence officials during the 2016 U.S. election surrounding “Spygate”.

Also: on June 6, 2016, Bruce an Nellie Ohr hosted (or were scheduled to host) the Crown Prosecutor (Director of Public Prosecutions, head of the Crown Prosecution Services) Alison Saunders, from UK! (See this FOIA response, not OCR’d, at ~75% of the document). The scheduling email was sent on May 6. Rob Goldstone’s infamous email to Trump Jr., mentioning “Crown prosecutor of Russia”, was dated by June 3. It is probably coincidence. Glenn Simpson didn’t need Ohrs to tell Goldstone what to write in the entrapment email prior to the meeting with Veselnitskaya, a lawyer for another Fusion GPS’ client.

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